The Message From the Founder of Bait Al-Anbat (House of the Nabataeans)


I warmly welcome the visitors of the website of "Gifts of Jordan," which is the marketing arm of Dar Shaqilat for cultural products; it is one of the projects of Bait Al-Anbat (House of the Nabateans). I hope you have an enjoyable and interesting trip.


As always, great ideas, when discussed for the first time, are seemingly difficult and almost impossible, providing that they rely heavily on the efforts of the volunteers. I prepared the first study of this project in 2004 from which it has gone through conscientious work and continuous endeavours, and interestingly to which some of the colleagues contributed.  


The notion of "Gifts of Jordan" springs from the great need of imbuing the culture with tourism, resulting in new features of national cultural gifts. Henceforth, the project of Dar Shaqilat embodies the quintessential thesis that culture is subject to changing to a rich resource without belittling its basic features. We must consider what is beneficial for the local communities and thus enable them to benefit from self resources and to sustain these resources.



Through history, Jordan is considered as a huge arena for the human dream of beauty, justice and righteousness- these are the values, constructed by many civilizations. Today, in Dar Shaqilat, along with the efforts of dozens of volunteers from Jordan such as academics, writers, journalists and technicians, we intend to hardly work with local communities in order to transfer these cultural symbols to mementos and gifts, which we exchange and visitors of Jordan carry with them in their journeys and travels.


Dr. Basim Al-Twissi

Founder of Bait Al-Anbat




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